Regular Club Meetings

These are generally held bi-monthly. They are open to club members and other interested Westie owners. We have two types of meetings:

Meeting with Demonstration or Training – Our Westies attend these, too!!!

Meeting with Social Event – These are generally held at venues where animals are not allowed or appropriate.

Annual Election Brunch
Generally held the second weekend of January, this is a non-dog event at which we celebrate the past year’s activities, winners and relationships. It is also the meeting at which we elect officers for the new calendar year.

Westie Waterbowl
The club does not hold meetings every month, but members still like to get together to talk about our charges. The Waterbowl is an unofficial meeting of both members and non-members that is usually held at a restaurant in non-meeting months. Because the membership is so widespread, the location varies.

Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dogs
Some of our club members are certified as “Canine Good Citizens” & “Therapy Dogs”. Occasionally members get together to visit nursing homes, hospitals, etc.