Westie Club Code of Ethics

The West Highland White Terrier Club of Northern Illinois is comprised of members who are dedicated to protect and promote the West Highland White Terrier. It is the responsibility of the members and breeders to preserve the quality, health, reputation and future of the breed. The West Highland White Terrier Club of Northern Illinois reserves the right to refuse membership or to expel a member who knowingly or continually acts in breech of this code, and by doing so discredits this organization.

No member will knowingly breed a litter with the sole intent being a profit. No member will knowingly sell any dog to a pet shop, laboratory, catalog house or a dealer (dealer is a person that sells and buys dogs solely for profit) in dogs or any person who sells to the same mentioned.

A member-breeder will be familiar with the breed standard and the AKC rules governing record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of dogs, and will abide by those rules. Any warranties or other agreements pertaining to the sale of a dog will be put in writing, with a copy provided to the buyer and seller.

All breeding will be aimed at improving the West Highland White Terrier, with consideration given to health, soundness and temperament.

No member-breeder will knowingly breed an inferior specimen of the breed which he/she knows to carry a genetic problem, disqualifying fault or serious health condition.

A member that sells an adult dog or puppy that is known to be and is not suitable for conformation competition shall inform the buyer in writing. Any adult or puppy sold as a “pet” by a member/breeder will be placed with a spay neuter agreement and limited AKC registration.

If a dog or bitch produces a puppy with a serious birth defect such as blindness, deafness, lameness or impairment of vital functions, from litters from three different mating partners, the member owning the dog or bitch will refrain from further use of the animal for breeding purposes.

No member will breed a bitch unless he/she has the time and facilities to devote the proper care and attention to the physical and emotional well being of the puppies and dam. No puppy will be placed until it is properly weaned, checked for internal parasites and has its first vaccination.

No member will knowingly provide a stud service unless they are satisfied that the owner of the bitch can provide the above mentioned care. No member will knowingly provide a stud service to dealers, pet shops, laboratories or catalog houses. A member who provides stud service to non-member bitches will encourage the breeder to sell the “pet” puppies with spay/neuter agreements.

No bitch should be bred more than two of three consecutive seasons or without considering the health and emotional well being of the bitch.

Members/breeders shall not breed a bitch past the age of 7 years or before the 2nd estrus or the age of 13 months, whichever occurs last, without veterinarian’s approval.

All advertising by club members will be as factual as possible. Ads should never be exaggerated or misleading.

Members will not make unfair or untrue statements about other dogs or practices of others.

All members shall exhibit the highest qualities of sportsmanship when participating in AKC and dog related competitions and trials, accepting wins and losses with equal grace.

Within reason, a member breeder will make himself/herself available to the persons with whom a puppy of their breeding has been placed to answer questions about puppy care and training.

Within reason, a club member shall reply to sincerely asked questions about care, grooming and training of the West Highland White Terrier. The degree and length of this mentoring is at the sole option of the member.

Each prospective member will affirm that they will comply with the Code of Ethics by signature on the application for membership. Each member will reaffirm compliance annually by signature when membership is renewed.